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How to Apply an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

It is important for you to have the basics on how to apply an epoxy garage floor coating because it is not something that is hard to do. What will assist you know this procedure is to do a quick search on the internet and read the steps and even watch videos on the same. When you look at these videos you may see that it is an easy thing but you need to learn some finer details on how to get started. Today we have hundreds of professional floor coating companies across the world but most people would like to do the installation of the epoxy floor on their own. A garage floor painting kit is very important in this case because it is the one that makes the application of the epoxy garage floor coating easy.

Floor preparation and cleaning

When you want to apply the epoxy garage floor on your own it is important to consider floor preparation and cleaning and this in fact should be the first step. Do you know why it is important for you to clean the floor? Cleaning the floor is very important because it will be easy for you to put the epoxy coating. Another very important thing that you need to do is to ensure that all the furniture and any other items are removed or cleared from the floor that is being coated to make work easy. For garage floor coating to be applied successfully the floor should be cleaned and cleared. There are some stains that are too hard or difficult to clean and such stains should be removed by using industrial or consumer products. They can also be removed using the sandblaster, sander to high powered grinder.

The floor should be smooth before you start applying the epoxy floor coating. Another thing that you need to do is to avoid moisture on the floor because it may affect the coating that will be put on the floor. The floor should be tested to ensure that it is suitable in one way or the other and this should be done before the epoxy coating has been applied.

Primer application

If you are sure that the floor surface has been prepared well it is not important for you to now apply the epoxy coating or the primer. Do you know how the primer is applied? It is applied the same way paint is applied and then it is allowed to settle for some hours after which the epoxy goes on. The process involved here is very simple because only the general painting tools such as the splash pan and the roller are used. Reading the directions that are at the epoxy bottle will help you to apply the coating successfully. You should use the liquid damp proof membrane to know if the floor is in good condition.

Finished Application

A second coat is applied and this is after the primer has dried. Epoxy finisher is the term that is mainly used to refer to the second coat and do you know how it is applied? It is applied the same way the primer is applied but here the water basing is not used. Allow the finisher set over night so that it will look like a show room.